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A.Tajae has become aware of Mr. Tamik Kirkland's unfortunate injustices within the criminal justice system. We have seen more than enough proof to strongly believe that the District Attorney, Mr. Kirkland's own defense attorneys, and the Court, hid and disparaged a bunch of evidence that could have easily proven Mr. Kirkland's innocence. There were a lot of laws broken and rights violated during his trial in order for the D.A. to score his wrongful conviction. A.Tajae fully supports and sponsors this Free Kirkland Movement, not only because of what we have witnessed within this evidence, but also because there are far too many scenarios such as this happening across this country. If you aren't familiar with the real story we urge everyone to visit www.FreeKirkland.com and see for yourself how an innocent man gets found guilty. We have Free Kirkland merchandise for sell on our website to help Mr. Kirkland with his legal fees and to bring awareness to the unjust things that has been done in his case, and is being done to people across this country. If you wish to show your support you may purchase any of the items in this section. Mr. Kirkland thanks you for your support.

So Sincere,